Q. Hello, I heard that your restaurant offers different types of cuisines every week. Is there any way we can know what cuisine will be available in your restaurant in a week?
A. Hi, thank you so much for sending us your message. Yes, there is a way to know what kind of cuisines we will be offering and presenting our customers with for a week. If you are planning to visit our place and want to know which cuisine we focus on, you may check our website first. The website always shows the type of cuisines we offer in a week.

Q. Is there an available menu on your website? I always wanted to see what kinds of food you offer in your place whatever the cuisine may be.
A, Hi! Thank you for sending us your message. The Super Bite does have a menu available on the website. You can view it on the menu tab and click the type of cuisine you are more interested in. That tab will show you the whole menu we offer and the main dishes that are our specialties most of the time.

Q. Can we make reservations at your restaurant? If yes, how?
A. Hello, thank you very much for sending us a question. Yes, you can make reservations at our restaurant. Just go to the website, click the reservation tab and send your schedule to us. We will send confirmations to you so make sure check your inbox as well.

Q. Can I cancel reservations?
A. Hi, thank you for messaging us. Yes, you can cancel reservations. Just send us a message and we will reply as soon as we can.

Q. Do you have free parking?
A. Hi, thank you for sending us a message. Yes, Super Bite has free parking offered for our customers.