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I hope this helps people who have acne.

All my acne products are approved by the FDA, which is a very good thing. This means that I am also in touch with the FDA on their guidelines for what is safe and what is not. For more information on what FDA guidelines are, go to their website. My acne products are not "natural" products. The ingredients are all safe and I have written an explanation of each one. This is a list of all the products I use. For your convenience, I have put them in order of their effectiveness. I use a very low concentration of each of them. Please remember that not all acne products are equal. It is very important to know what you're buying!

For best results, always use a skin care product that is completely free of mineral oil. In particular, avoid anything that contains the silicone-based chemical "butylene glycol" or its variants.

Acne products: Acne drugs and products that are used to treat acne are available for sale in the same section.

If you want to know whether to use a product on your face, you should always read the label first! Many brands of acne products are marketed as acne treatments.

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