Nice buttocks? Go cycling!

In a manner of speaking, we are confronted with it on a daily basis, on social media, in magazines and everywhere on the street: nice buttocks. Who doesn’t want them? Usually we don’t feel like spending hours in the gym or following a strict diet. There is an alternative that you may not have thought of before: go cycling!

Why cycle?

If you want a tight body, including beautiful buttocks, it is important to get enough exercise and burn calories. Cycling burns an average of 850 calories per hour and trains almost every muscle in your body. The biggest advantage of cycling compared to running, for example, is that it is much easier to sustain cycling for a longer period of time. Even without any condition, you have to hold out for half an hour of cycling. And then you have already burned 425 calories! Another advantage of cycling is that the smooth movement during cycling prevents muscle pain and injuries, so that you can cycle frequently. Those tight buttocks are within your reach.

Fun and useful

Besides the fact that cycling is good for you, it is also very nice to do. It is a nice way to explore the area. Often you see only the roads you drive to work or the route from the supermarket home. By cycling a good round you will discover places you never came before. And you can do cycling with your girlfriends, so you are exercising and at the same time you discuss the daily things. Fun and useful at the same time!

Starting with cycling

If you want to start cycling, it’s nice to know what’s involved in cycling. It starts with buying a racing bike. Maybe you can borrow one. In any case, appropriate clothing and good protection are important. Of course you want to do your training safely and don’t want to end up in the emergency room right away. Make sure you have good protection including a helmet and sturdy shoes. Good clothing is also a must. Provide warm but breathable clothing.

Cycling in all seasons

You can cycle all year round. In the cold months it is also great cycling, but you catch cold faster than you think. Wear layers in these conditions, so you can take off something when you’re warm and put on something when you cool down. Always make sure you have something to drink and snack with you when you’re on the road. And then nothing will stand in your way in your journey to that beautiful butt !