More than 40 years of experience

Francisco S. Lucus was born in 1952 and completed his medical studies at Leiden University in 1976. After working in the field of surgery he became a general practitioner and for more than 20 years he had a general practitioner practice in Nijmegen as an anthroposophical doctor. In addition to deepening his knowledge of orthomolecular medicine, he has since 1994 specialised in varicose veins, proctology and neural therapy. Later he also studied acupuncture and became a physician-acupuncturist. In 2003 he took over the clinic in Terwolde and opened the practice in Ressen.

Personal and flexible

In our well-organized practice at a beautiful location, yet only a stone’s throw from the motorways, we work with a doctor and an assistant. This set-up ensures that you will soon be known to us and that you will always have the same practitioner. In case of complaints and problems, telephone access is also quick and direct. You will not be kept on hold for fifteen minutes, but will be helped immediately. Because of our division of labour, you can always make an appointment at short notice, and in the event of an emergency, you can also contact us on the same day. Because a lot of people come from far away, we have kept the appointment times flexible (within an hour).


Doctor Brunsting has been a general practitioner for more than 20 years and has since devoted himself to the various fields of expertise. This allows him to look at your complaint from different angles. If you take a broader view, it all too often turns out that there is more than one cause for an illness or ailment. If you need a second opinion you can always contact us.